A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Memory Lane is a single-player puzzle game presented in a 2D environment. By directing the light of a lamp to reveal hidden objects and interacting with them in various creative ways, the player can solve a series of unique puzzle levels. The game is presented from the point of view of a young child; by reconstructing her memories one by one, players will get the chance to discover her story and find their own interpretation of its meaning.

Memory Lane is a PC game made in Unity.

Instructions for keyboard controls:

Levels can be selected by moving around the Level selection scene and walking into the objects inside the rooms. The levels are advised to be played in the order of their numbers.

Walk into the question mark to start the tutorial.


Andrej Dudoglo - Project Manager

Klara Pranke - Artist

Helena Sångberg - Artist

Stephanie Schlund - Programmer

Filippo Crocchini - Programmer

Gustav de Jong - Sound Designer


Memory Lane GGC Windows.zip 40 MB
Memory Lane GGC MacOS.app.zip 39 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip folder for the appropriate OS (Windows or Mac)

Extract all

Launch the Memory Lane build

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